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Information about COVID-19

18DSC Sex Toys Shop is continuing business operations as usual while following the updates and guidelines regarding COVID-19 posted on the website of the World Health Organization. You can find the same information here:

Regarding International Shipments

Currently we are sending all orders with SF-Express, FedEx, or by our colleagues since those are the most reliable and fastest shipping option under the current circumstances.

If there is any delay due to COVID-19 or other reasons beyond our control, we will always keep you informed. If we are not able to ship an item to you, we guarantee an immediate and full refund on all orders.

Regarding Safety

In view of the seriousness of the epidemic, in order to strengthen everyone's safety, all our goods will be disinfected before shipment to ensure that the products are delivered to customers as safely as possible. After receiving the goods, customers only need to open and use them as usual, without worrying about other problems.

We use Chelated Platinum Liquid developed by a Hong Kong company for processing, which can effectively achieve long-term sterilization and virus-killing effects.

Chelating Platinum Features:

  • It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi in 30 seconds, and the effective time can be as long as 90 days to 180 days.
  • Natural ingredients, no irritation, no need to clean by water
  • No harm to the skin and body
  • Alcohol-free, hypochlorous-free, acid-free, fragrance-free
  • Guaranteed not to affect any quality changes in the products