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18DSC Sex Toys Unboxing & Review

As the very first makers of adult product videos, we unbox and evaluate the products in front of cameras in an experienced way. Through the videos, the audience enjoy the most realistic product analyses!

Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1599
The Short Sleeve Sailor School Uniform Pajamas for Otoko no Ko not only captures the cute look of Japanese schoolgirls, but is also comforta..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1600
The Gyaru Bra and Panties for Otoko no Ko ensure that even male crossdressers can get to experience the look of being a Japanese gyaru, known for thei..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TAMS-921
The Insert Air Pillow Cover 281 Kumamimi Maid VTuber YURARA is based on the bear girl virtual YouTuber who is as cuddly as she is sexy.She's..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TAMS-924
The Insert Air Pillow Futamata Cover 128 VTuber Tayuyu Omune is a fitting tribute to the virtual YouTuber known for her amazing breasts and ..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMPR-036
She's got silver hair and is of noble birth, but she's now your captive to do what you want with.The Dark Elf Sex Prisoner Onahole recreates..
Brand: ICHIKI 一木研究所 Model: 11238
W-Charge Set is specially developed for Asia men. It is made by more than 18 powerful ingredients, including ultra-high concentration Maca (9040mg) an..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TAMS-930
The Attachable Breasts for Hug Pillows lets you turn your 2D pillows and covers into 3D breast toys!This is a pair of breasts (and special t..
Brand: le WAND Model: LW-039RG
Ride waves of euphoria and achieve full-body orgasms with the le Wand - XO Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitors Vibrator - A unique, double motor rechargea..
Brand: le WAND Model: LW-040RG
Why choose between clitoral and G-spot orgasms when you can have both? Submerge in multiple sensations and experience the best of both worlds, courtes..
Brand: Secret Kisses Model: SV-1-HP
This vibrating lace thong from Secret Kisses is made of fine and soft material that feels comfortable and has a good fit. The string has a c..
Brand: BLUE line Model: BLM3072
The BLUE line - Silicone Duo Snap Cock & Ball Ring provides sexual stimulation, added girth and will maximize size and length. Larger ring fi..
Brand: le WAND Model: LW-038RG
Having G-spot orgasms has never been easier! Meet the Le Wand Gee, a G-spot targeting rechargeable vibrator that removes all the guesswork by deliveri..
Brand: MEN'S MAX JAPAN Model: MM-629
The Men's Max Grit Masturbator Cup Beads Type starts with the diagonal "flap beads," an inner sleeve with a harder cup-style casing for protectio..
Brand: bodywand Model: BW600
Powerful clitoral stimulation is among the many advantages of the bodywand - My First Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator, which features two flexible bunny ears..
Brand: bodywand Model: BW601
The almighty rabbit vibration is widely celebrated for its superior clit stimulation.The Bodywand MY FIRST Rabbit Vibe is a great introductory rabbit ..
Brand: bodywand Model: BW602
Beginner-friendly vibes should always make a great first impression, and the Bodywand MY FIRST 5-Inch Classic does exactly that.Made of premium body-s..
Brand: bodywand Model: BW603
The Bodywand MY FIRST G-spot Vibe lives up to its name, offering a curved shape and an angled tip that targets the g-spot with both ease and precision..
Brand: bodywand Model: BW604
With its ridged shape and tapered design, the Bodywand MY FIRST Ripple Vibe lets users experiment with different sizes while promising comfort.The Rip..
EXE - Perfect Wing Amami Tsubasa Meiki EXE - Perfect Wing Amami Tsubasa Meiki
-40 %
Brand: EXE Model: EXEA-001
EXE - Perfect Wing Amami Tsubasa Meiki is a hand held sleeve in a single layer construction sleeve with a close ended tunnel. The interior t..
$198.0 $330.0
NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aoi Kururugi NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aoi Kururugi
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2779
The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aoi Kururugi is all about the details, right down to the mouth color, teeth, and oral textures. Thrust all the way..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aso Nozomi NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aso Nozomi
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2252
Fans of the slinky porn star Aso Nozomi will delight at the chance to experience the NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aso Nozomi. The attention to deta..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hamasaki Mao NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hamasaki Mao
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2251
The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hamasaki Mao is probably the closest you will ever get to receiving oral sex from one of Japan's top adult video s..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hanasaki Ian NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hanasaki Ian
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2365
Let the experienced and hungry mouth of adult video superstar Ian Hanasaki swallow your cock with the NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hanasaki Ian, from th..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Sarina Kurokawa NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Sarina Kurokawa
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2602
Ready for your member to get seriously spoiled? Good, because the horny mouth of a sexy Japanese porn star is longing for you! The NPG - Geki Fer..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2050
The NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka is cloned from the expert mouth of top Japanese AV star Mihara Honoka. Let her gorgeous lips ..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin
-10 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2049
Based on the actual mouth of Japanese AV star Rin Sakuragi, the NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin is the latest in this bestselling ..
$268.0 $298.0
NPG - Meiki no Syoumei No.003 Rui Saotome NPG - Meiki no Syoumei No.003 Rui Saotome
-42 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-0723
We all love the rush hour in Japan. Trains packed with tightly uniformed OLs (office ladies). Now, this NPG - Meiki no Syoumei No.003 Rui Saotome allo..
$350.0 $600.0
NPG - Violated Busty Young Wife Mihara Honoka Meiki NPG - Violated Busty Young Wife Mihara Honoka Meiki
-20 %
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2660
Honoka is a happily married young housewife, who opens the door expecting her husband to be standing on the porch. It's not her husband, though, ..
$398.0 $498.0
A-One - Apron Costume for Love Body CoCo A-One - Apron Costume for Love Body CoCo
-40 %
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9907388
An apron for Love Body CoCo. It features with checked pattern and lace details. ..
$118.0 $198.0
A-One - Bikini Set for Love Body CoCo A-One - Bikini Set for Love Body CoCo
-36 %
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9907387
A bikini set for Love Body CoCo. Available in fluorescent green. ..
$108.0 $168.0
Brand: System JO Model: 79011
JO® H2O Original is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Formulated using a purely plant-based glyc..
Model: C2
Take proper care of your favorite adult toys now with the Sex Toys Storage Pouch. Made by Non-Woven Cloth material which can storing your toys discree..
Model: C1
This Dehumidifying and Deodorizing Bamboo Charcoal Bag is made of Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo Charcoal is a material which can absorb moisture effect..
Brand: MEN'S MAX JAPAN Model: MMD-098
The Men's Max Hole Quick Dry Stick is a natural and fast way to dry and maintain your favorite masturbator toys. The main material is diatomaceous ear..
Brand: MEN'S MAX JAPAN Model: MM-051
MEN'S MAX specializes in medium to high viscosity ultra long lasting lubricants. Add collagen and aloe vera juice ingredients to protect your skin! Th..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9903070
AG+ NANO Lotion- Middle of Viscosity and It has added ultra-fine particles of pure silver with antibacterial and deodorizing effects...
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-004
Get seriously hot and bothered with the OTAKU - Gokujou Lotion Fire 150ml, a specially concocted solution designed for long-lasting slipperiness ..
Brand: 中西ゴム工業株式会社 Model: TOY-6009010
Nakanishi - 0.03 Super Value, this super value package is for the japanese hotel to their customer use it caused by high CP and extraordinary value...
Brand: MEN'S MAX JAPAN Model: MM-270
MEN'S MAX - Airless Lotion is a high-quality lotion that uses an Airless container. It has excellent airtightness, prevents lotion leakage and oxidati..
Brand: TENGA Model: TLH-002
HOLE Lotion Real is the high-quality water-base lubricate produced by Tenga. It is colorless, odorless and long lasting. The medium viscosity is just ..
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-010P
OTAKU - Hole Maintenance Powder is specially designed to be used on masturbators. Made by a special material called " Talcum Powder" which can deodori..
Okamoto - BE HERO Super Lubricative Condom 1pc
Out Of Stock
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: HK03859
Okamoto - BE HERO Super Lubricative Condom is a condom sponsored by Okamoto and the Hong Kong AIDS Trust Fund, hope everyone will pay more attent..

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