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18DSC Sex Toy industry has continued to gain more mainstream acceptance and availability through the Hong Kong biggest retailers have turn the business 'Front and Centre'!

18DSC Sex Toy as brand distributor in Asia Pacific and most high quality sexual products from Japan, UK and Europe. In current times, men’s sex toys are location being an incredibly hot topic. There are lots of who use them or consider utilising them. Those people who are there sex toys have some of the remarkable ideas to show to their friends. Hundreds of experiences are encouraging.


However, despite that, there's a lot of who are able to not dare enough to introduce these online cupid sex toys with their intimate sexual contact.

Now, you can find a sex toy at 18DSC stores and available choices out there. We do have multiple sex toy items for unisex. Also, our front-line shop staff always giving choice ideas products knowledge to customer and provided great customer service, making sure customer happy to purchase item in store or online shopping with delivery service.