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Delay/ Extra Safe Condoms

Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209168
Okamoto - Super Goku-Atsu Thick, The thickness of this condom is around 3 times of the ordinary one. Although it is thick, the material is very soft. It also employ a new odour masker technology to cut the irritating smell of a condom.The thickness also enabled for a longer time enjoyment witho..
Brand: Durex 杜蕾斯 Model: EC8049842
Durex - Extra Safe Condom, Slightly thicker than our standard condoms for those who want ultimate reassurance and don’t want to sacrifice comfort...
Brand: Love merci Model: TOY-8409045
Japan Medical - Iron Guy, extra thick black color condom with large studs on surface. Made with natural latex and water-based lubricated. ..
Brand: Love merci Model: TOY-8409043
Japan Medical - Tough Black, Extra thick black color condom with large studs on surface. Made with natural latex and water-based lubricated...
Brand: FUJI LATEX Model: TOY-2209147
Fuji Latex - The Best 0.1mm, This is a crossover condom by The Best magazine and Fuji Latex.The Best Premium Condoms are made of natural material, plain and smooth surface, water based lubricated and 0.1mm to you for more safety...
Brand: Sagami 相模 Model: TOY-2209101
Sagami - 0.09 Dots, Extra thick condom with a thickness of 0.09mm, can reduce the sensitivity and prolong the pleasure time. Green color with large studs on surface, made with natural latex, tapered neck and water-based lubricated...
Brand: Sagami 相模 Model: TOY-2209158
Sagami - 0.09 Natural, thick type 0.09mm, it is the longest record in our history. Thanks to the relax system, the headroom shape is now more comfortable.Material with thickness of 0.09mm is used. Since the headroom is now bigger, there is no tightening feeling so you can enjoy a longer play...
Brand: JEX Model: 16436
JEX - Pure Long, This prolonging condom has a tightening neck and a special lubricant inside to increase the staying power of men. Pre-filled reservoir...
Brand: JEX Model: 20037
JEX Super Dots - Long Play Type, Jex Super Dots brings you a brand new studs experience and excitement! It is made of high quality latex and the shape is specially designed bases on men’s penis with the mushroom shape, which provides extra fit effect. With the 360 degree spiral studs design, yo..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209016
Okamoto - Super Thick Black 12's Pack Latex Condom,With an unusual thickness of 0.1mm! This condom can reduce the sensitivity of the penis and increase the time for sex. The extra thickness also provides extra protection...
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