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Extra Lubricated Condoms

Brand: Durex 杜蕾斯 Model: EC3255478
Durex 001 UltraLube Condom, new DUALUBE ® formula up to 120%smoothness^, premium smooth enjoyment.Lubrication: New DUALUBE ® formula, mixing 2 types of silicone oil lubricant,..
$90.0 $118.0
Brand: JEX Model: CD-0463
The Glamorous Butterfly Melty Condoms are a pack of lubricated condoms that let you enjoy melty intimacy with a partner. The pink color of the latex condoms adds to the fun, while the water-..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: CD-0458
Produced by one of Japan's leading contraception makers, the Okamoto - Groove Double-Lubricated Condom are lubricated on both the inside and outside. With up to 600% more gel than other cond..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209203
Another entry in the series of unique collaborations between top Japanese contraceptive brand Okamoto and manga artist Kiyohiko Azuma, the Okamoto - Lubricated Danbo Condoms (Japan Edition) ..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209199
Okamoto 0.01 Rich Lubricant Large Size Condom is bigger than normal size 2mm in diameter and adds on 200% extra lub, is the newest breakthrough from Okamoto. Using the odorless material Polyurethane, ..
Brand: FUJI LATEX Model: TOY-2209191
SKYN Extra Lube condoms come with 40% more long-lasting, ultra-smooth lubricant than our standard SKYN Original condoms.Fuji Latex - SKYN Premium Condom is made from SKYNFEEL® (Polyisoprene), a t..
Brand: FUJI LATEX Model: TOY-2209063
Fuji Latex - Mechausu 1000 contain an extra amount of lubricant, providing a wet and smooth experience. Slipping off prevention...
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: CD-0431
When looking for cute patterns to put on condom wrappings, what would be more appropriate than cute cats? The Okamoto - Nyanbo Condoms (Japan Edition) features twelve kawaii kittens on each ..
Brand: JEX Model: CD-0413
The wearing feeling of the condom disappears!? Ideal "ZONE" feeling. The surface is about twice as thick as the conventional formulation that has been thoroughly applied. Compared to silicone oil appl..
Brand: Durex 杜蕾斯 Model: EC3050815
Durex - AIR Extra Smooth Condom, are the thinnest ever developed by Durex, designed to maximize sensitivity, while still provding a high level of security and protection...
$200.0 $248.0
Brand: JEX Model: 4973210020006
JEX - Glamourous Butterfly Jell Rich, Do you or your partner suffer from the unpleasant feeling causing by insufficient lubrication during sex? This jelly rich condom is brought to you by the fam..
Brand: JEX Model: 4973210019048
JEX - Glamourous Butterfly Moist Type, this condom has extra lubricant for more comfort with jel top design...
Brand: JEX Model: 4973210016436
JEX - Pure Long, This prolonging condom has a tightening neck and a special lubricant inside to increase the staying power of men. Pre-filled reservoir...
Brand: JEX Model: CD-0465
The JEX - Glamourous Butterfly 0.03 Moist (Japan Edition) is a pack of eight condoms that are lubricated with water-based jelly on the tip and sides, and offer a natural fit. At just 0.03 mm..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209186
Okamoto - 0.02 Plenty of Jelly , A lot of jelly up to 200%! Full of jelly will make your smoother! Since it is made of water-based polyurethane, there is no rubber-specific odor. Latex allergy ca..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209174
Okamoto 0.01 Extra Lubricated, more than ordinary double lubrication, more smooth and comfortable. The newest breakthrough from Okamoto! Using the odorless material Polyurethane, a material that is mo..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209007
Okamoto - Aloe 0.03, This super thin latex condom, now added with excess amount of aloe based lubricant for extra smoothness and skin protection...
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209011
Okamoto - Hyaluronic Acid Plus 0.03, is made of natural latex with extra hyaluronic acid lubricant on the condom surface, to provide extra smooth experience and comfort. Feels like nothing!..
Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: TOY-2209034
Okamoto - Rilakkuma Honey, Rilakkuma Honey is made of latex with adorable Rilakkuma packaging. Condom is in light pink with good transparency. With extra water based lubricant for smooth activity..
Okamoto - BE HERO Super Lubricative Condom 1pc
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Brand: OKAMOTO 岡本 Model: HK03859
Okamoto - BE HERO Super Lubricative Condom is a condom sponsored by Okamoto and the Hong Kong AIDS Trust Fund, hope everyone will pay more attention to and learn about AIDS...
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