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EXE - Fuwa Toro Oppai C Cup Breasts

EXE - Fuwa Toro Oppai C Cup Breasts

Fuwa Toro in Japanese can roughly be described as soft block which is a perfect description of the material. Fuwa Toro Oppai is the breast toy using P x P x P's material in a multiple layer construction. The outer skin is made from a stretchy material to cover the soft material making up each breast. The back or base of the item is made with a stiffer material to help keep the shape of breast. The nipples are made from another harder material to give a tactile feeling.

The proportion of Fuwa Toro Oppai is the Japanese C cup size. Weighing in at around 1.1kg, and made in Japan of quality material, Fuwa Toro Oppai is a welcomed addition to EXE's Fuwa Toro lineup.

Raw Breasts
Cup SizeC Cup
LayersTriple Layers
Imported FromJapan

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  • Model: UPPP-042
  • Weight With Package: 1,700g
  • SKU: 4580279017665