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EXE - Hanjuku Hips

EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
EXE - Hanjuku Hips
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EXE - Hanjuku Hips

The EXE - Hanjuku Hips is a scaled down hip big enough to be used one or two handed. Hanjuku is a one tunnel sleeve with a camel toe vaginal entrance. The first 75% of the tunnel is lined with elongated nubs in a twister like construction spiraling inward while increasing in tightness. At the last 25% of the tunnel is a teardrop shaped vacuum chamber with winkle like texturing. Simply squeeze all the air out of the tunnel as you enter to maximize the suction sensation of Hanjuku.

The one thing that makes Hanjuku stand out from other sleeves and most noticeable while looking at it is the large pink area in its core visible from the flat side. Hanjuku is a dual-layer sleeve different from many other dual-layer sleeves. Most dual-layer sleeves are soft on the outside and harder/more stimulating on the inside. For Hanjuku, the outside is more stiff surrounding a softer core made with the "Hanjuku" material. Hanjuku material is half baked/cured material giving it a soft and elastic property unlike any other. Another feature of the material is what Feel So Good state as memory material. With each use of the sleeve, the Hanjuku material slowly forms a memory of your size adjusting over a long period of time. This means that the interior will be slightly different from the last time you use it for an evolving experience.

Hanjuku is with its special core is one of the surprising product 18DSC has seen in recent times. Fan of softer sleeve or Feel So Good should definitely give Hanjuku a try.

Masturbator Specifications
LayersDouble Layers
TextureSoft (Inner Layer) & Hard (Outer Layer)
Insertable length11.7cm
Product Weight1140g
Included PartsLotion x1
Imported fromJapan

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  • Stock: Discontinued
  • Model: UGAN-045
  • Weight With Package: 1,350g
  • SKU: 4580279016866