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KMP - Magnet Power Ring

KMP - Magnet Power Ring

Last longer, stay stronger with this KMP - Magnet Power Ring, a cock ring for bigger, better erections. It wraps super tight around your throbbing member to enhance the pressure and power of your thrusts. The neodymium magnet silicone ring will increase the strength of the blood circulation pumping through your cock for more pleasure. Never be disappointed by your erections ever again.

The effect varies from person to person.

Cock Rings
EfficacyStamina + Erection Revive
MatrerialsSilicone + Magnet
WeightLarge Size 4g, Medium Size 2g
Inner DiameterLarge Size 30mm, Medium Size 25mm
Included PartsLarger Power Ring x1, Medium Power Ring x1
Imported FromJapan
RemarksThe effect varies from person to person

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  • Model: GODS-479
  • Weight With Package: 30g
  • SKU: 4571436795830