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KMP - OniFella Hole V Mei Matsumoto

KMP - OniFella Hole V Mei Matsumoto

Oral sleeve has definitely distinguished itself in the field of masturbators in recent years. Many different manufacturers have tackled the genre with different results. The famed KMP is back with their OniFella oral sleeve series having reached their 5th generation for Fall 2017. This time it features the popular Mei Matsumoto called OnaFella V Mei Matsumoto. 

OnaFella V Mei Matsumoto has the subtitle "vibrant lips" which describe the red lip color of the sleeve. This red color is not painted and actually is the inner layer of the dual layer design. The entrance of OnaFella V Mei Matsumoto is inspired by the lovely lips of Mei Matsumoto in an open mouth design. Past the upper soft teeth to the mouth cavity with mouth roof rib ridges and a raised tongue. The "throat" section has short simple ribs for stimulation but has two tightness band surrounding the inner layer at the entrance and end of this section to create a tight "throat" squeeze. The end chamber is lined with nubs for stimulation and acts as a vacuum chamber to maximize suction sensation. Simply squeeze the end of the sleeve as you enter to take advantage of this vacuum design. 

OnaFella V Mei Matsumoto is constructed using dual layer material as mentioned previously. Dual layer design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a soft material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating material. This made it possible to have a nice and soft tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside is more stimulating due to the second material.

Featuring the Japanese AV actress Mei Matsumoto on the package, OnaFella V Mei Matsumoto is a great addition to 18DSC's oral offering.

Masturbator Specifications
TypeBlow Job
LayersDouble Layers
Insertable length14cm
Product Weight440g
Included PartsLotion x1
Imported fromJapan

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