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Brand: LELO Model: leloc
Lelo - (Toy) Cleaning Spray, Fast-acting and alcohol- and paraben free, this easy-on spray (60 mL/ 2 oz) is the safest and most effective choice for all your sex toy cleaning needs...
Brand: LELO Model: BOB
Lelo - Bob Pleasure Object, is a most stylish gentleman's plug. taking you sensation to a higher realm of experience. Made from the finest body-safe silicone and tailored to the contours of the male b..
$350.0 $499.0
Brand: LELO Model: ELISE
Lelo - Elise 2 Double Motored Vibrator, With dual-motors of supreme power and a deeply fulfilling length, this iconic LELO targets your pleasure centers for the most intense, deep-reaching, body-..
Lelo - ELLA Lelo - ELLA
Brand: LELO Model: ELLA
Lelo - ELLA, is a classically-designed pleasure object - just looking at her arouses the most intimate possibilities. Smooth and seamless to the touch, her flowing body-safe silicone form is tailored ..
Brand: LELO Model: 028175
Lelo - ENIGMA Dual-Action Sonic Massager is a luxurious dual action sonic massager designed to titillate both the clitoris - its visible and invisible parts - and G-spot, for an intense orgasm, y..
Lelo - F1s Developer's Kit App Controlled Male Electric Masturbator Lelo - F1s Developer's Kit App Controlled Male Electric Masturbator
Brand: LELO Model: 024931
lelo F1s uses SenSonic technology, it is not just normal vibration, plus it uses sonic waves to pass the vibration and penetrating into your body, providing 360 degree of deep pleasure. With Cruise Co..
Brand: LELO Model: 28342
The enhanced m-cup design of Lelo - F1S™ V2A Sensonic Masturbator allows you to explore optimal satisfaction, with a pliable sleeve, a wider range of sonic intensities, and four pulsating pr..
Brand: LELO Model: LELOINA
Lelo - Ina 2, The innovative and unique design of INA™ 2 changed the way we think about rabbit-style massagers, and it will revolutionize the way you think about your pleasure – guaranteed.There ..
Brand: LELO Model: WAVE
Lelo - Ina Wave, Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave™ surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion like no other rabbit vibrator to massage your G-Spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assu..
Brand: LELO Model: BRUNO
Lelo - Insignia - Bruno™, With two powerful motors, one in the curved tip for accurate prostate stimulation and a second in the base for dual pleasure, the luxurious BRUNO™ is a prostate massager..
Brand: LELO Model: ALIA
Lelo - Insignia Alia, For admirers of aesthetic beauty, ALIA™ delivers sleek, powerful,  and uncomplicated pleasure that takes you to climax in style. Featuring a stunning silhouette an..
$917.0 $1,078.0
Brand: LELO Model: HUGO
Lelo - Insignia Hugo Prostate Massagers, The remote controlled HUGO is perfectly designed to offer entirely new avenues of sexual satisfaction thanks to two intense vibrating. With 8 settings and..
Brand: LELO Model: HULA
Lelo - Insignia Hula Beads, For the newest and richest sexual sensations you’ve ever experienced, the remote-controlled HULA Beads™ twist and turn as they guide you to an unforgettable clima..
Brand: LELO Model: IDA
Lelo - Insignia IDA Ultra Premium Couples Massager, For adventurous couples seeking even greater levels of excitement, sharing IDA™ together promises the best sex of your lives. A remot..
Brand: LELO Model: ORA2
Lelo - Insignia Ora 2, is the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator, offering a thrilling, teasing, better-than-real sensation of oral sex that will have you coming back for more each and e..
$1,246.0 $1,466.0
Brand: LELO Model: LSML
Lelo - Insignia Smart Wands (L Size), For couples who demand the most intense and luxurious pleasure alongside deep, surging intensity, the SMART WAND™ is the ultimate all-over-body massage wand...
$1,312.0 $1,544.0
Brand: LELO Model: LELOSM
Lelo - Insignia Smart Wands (M Size), For couples who demand the most intense and luxurious pleasure without the bulk of a larger wand, the Smart Wand™ Medium is essential. No other cordless..
$1,048.0 $1,234.0
Brand: LELO Model: TARA
Lelo - Insignia Tara Premium Couples Massager, TARA™ brings an entirely new sensation into the bedroom: swirling, revolving and vibrating inside you as you make love, it offers you both the most ..
Brand: LELO Model: 24K
Lelo - Insignia Tiani™ 24K Couples Massager, Featuring a ring of 24k gold laser-engraved with a unique serial number and a new dual-motor design for more power than ever before, TIANI™ 24k m..
Lelo - Insignia Tiani™ 3 Couples Massager Lelo - Insignia Tiani™ 3 Couples Massager
Out Of Stock
Brand: LELO Model: TIANI3
Lelo - Insignia Tiani™ 3 Couples Massager, For couples who are never shy, TIANI™ 3 offers powerful, intimate pleasure and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re feeling daring and eager to discover a..
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