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Hybrid Lubes

Featuring the ultimate benefits of both water and silicone, hybrid lubes, sometimes called water silicone blended lubes, are designed for those who love the ease of a water-based lubricant and enjoy the long-lasting silkiness of silicone. They are latex compatible and can be used together with most silicone toys.

Brand: System JO Model: STO-40656
System Jo - Coconut Hybrid Original Lubricant is our unique blend of premium coconut oil and water-based ingredients. It offers a rich glide that melts against the skin for the perfect slide during t..
Brand: System JO Model: STO-402016
System Jo - Classic Hybrid Personal Lubricant is the perfect combination of our popular silicone formula and our ultra-versatile water-based formula that elevates every intimate moment to a richly sen..
Brand: System JO Model: 750087
JO - Classic Hybrid is a personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication and enhance the pleasures of intimacy. This paraben and glycerin-free formula is an understated hero o..
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