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Male Masturbation Lubes

Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1622
The Tamatoys - Vaginal Warmth Hot Lotion recreates the unique warmth that lingers inside a woman's pussy. Enjoy that natural warmth with this lube that heats up as you use it. A great choice..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1628
The Usagi Hinamiya Japanese VTuber Love Juice Lubricant bottles up the vaginal discharge (arousal fluids) of the virtual YouTuber as a medium-silky lube.A great lubricant for masturbation an..
Tamatoys - Sleepless Marie Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant 120ml Tamatoys - Sleepless Marie Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant 120ml
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Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1610
The Sleepless Marie Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant is much more than just a bottle of lube: it's a scented lubricant that recreates the arousal fluids dripping from the horny pussy of the titu..
Tamatoys - Sleepless Maria Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant 120ml Tamatoys - Sleepless Maria Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant 120ml
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Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1611
The Sleepless Maria Mamiya Love Juices Lubricant replicates the arousal fluids from the horny vagina of this busty daughter character in the popular eroge adult game by Emperor.The medium-vi..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1206
A lube is a lube, right? Wrong. Because Japan has lubes like this, produced in collaboration with real porn stars!Lube up with the replicated horny vaginal fluids of Mao Hamasaki with the Mao Man..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1608
The Sodium Polyacrylate-Free Super Lubricant is long-lasting and smooth, keeping wet for ages.Boasting a medium level of silkiness that goes a long way, this is a great lube for masturbation..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1596
We all love busty office lady Yugi Asase and her ear-licking ASMR antics. Now you can lube up with her dripping, horny mouth, thanks to the scented VTuber Yugi Asase Ear-Licker Office Lady Saliva..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1702
You may never go back to regular lube ever again after you have tried the NPG - Aika Yamagishi Love Juice 80, which is based on the arousal fluids of the slender, beautiful Japanese porn star. Th..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1574
The Tamatoys - Monster Musume Onahole Lotion is a thick, stringy lube that is ideal for use with your favorite masturbator toys. The unscented, clear lubricant enhances the sensations you en..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1575
Recommended for anyone who doesn't like the sticky aftermath of using lube, the Tamatoys - Monster Musume Non-Wash Lotion is easy to use, thinly textured, and versatile. The unscented, clear..
Brand: EXE Model: UGAN-261
The EXE - Thick Puni Ana Love Juices Hot Lotion is a great lube for using with your favorite masturbator toys. Boasting a nozzle that makes it easy to pour into the vagina tunnel of an onaho..
Brand: Kiteru Kiteru キテルキテル Model: 8-SDM-086
The Hanjuku Succubus Makaizou Devil Modification Shiori Yumeno Lube is made in collaboration with the "fallen angel" VTuber known for her incredibly sexy ASMR videos.Produced in Japan, this ..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1680
The Tsukasa Aoi Ultimate Love Juices Lubricant is the perfect fetish lube to accompany any video of Tsukasa in action and, even better, her own dedicated adult toys based on her vagina...
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1666
The Arina Hashimoto Girlfriend's Older Sister Lubricant is not just a great lube based on the top Japanese porn star, but is inspired by a fantasy we all harbor: the alluring older sister of..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1693
The Tsubasa Hachino Real Love Juices Lubricant is the ideal companion to your JAV porn star masturbator toys or just your hands when you are watching the beautiful adult video performer in a..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1684
She has also worked as Shion Utsunomiya and even just the mononymic RION, but Rara Anzai is a ravishing stunner whatever you call her.The Rara Anzai Horny Young Wife Lubricant is based on th..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1681
What's better than watching a Japanese porn star having sex in a video? Getting to experience penetrating her vagina with one of her tie-in adult toys.And what can make that even better? Lubing the to..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: LT-1697
The La Bocca Della Verita Sakura Lotion is a great Japanese fetish lube that is a wonderful companion for either your hands or your favorite onaholes, especially the La Bocca Della Verita "M..
A-One - Akane wa tsumare somerareru Akane Nanao Lotion 180ml A-One - Akane wa tsumare somerareru Akane Nanao Lotion 180ml
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Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-0903010
The OVA Akane wa tsumare somerareru Akane Nanao Pussy Juices Lube is the way to get things really wet if you're a fan of the busty baseball team manager Akane Nano from the OVA Akane wa tsum..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-0903008
If you love the OVA hentai series Saimin Seishido (Hypnosis Sex Guidance), you will probably have a favorite character. Any fan of Yu Nozaki is in for a real treat, since now you can lubricate with he..
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