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Male Masturbation Lubes

Brand: NPG Model: LT-1544
Packaged in a bottle featuring a photo of the titular adult video star in a maid costume, the NPG - Immediate Service from a Maid Minami Aizawa Pussy Juice Lotion is the perfect accessory fo..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1545
The NPG - Immediate Service from a Maid Aoi Kururugi Pussy Juice Lotion helps bring your fantasies of fucking the titular JAV porn star to life. Featuring a photo of Aoi Kururugi in a maid c..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1543
The NPG - Immediate Service from a Maid Eimi Fukada Pussy Juice Lotion simulates the titular adult video star's natural lubrication. Whether using this lubricant with a toy, your hand, or a ..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 59100
The Toys Heart - Fake Mother's Milk Lotion 355ml doesn't only look like titty milk, it has some of the same chemical makeup too, containing lactoferrin for an antibacterial effect. Perfect f..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-173
The EXE - G Project x Pepee Bottle Lotion Premium is a medium-viscosity lubricant with long-lasting slipperiness. As it doesn't dry out, you can enjoy extra-long sex sessions uninterrupted, ..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-761
Enjoy the fresh and sweet smell of a Japanese teenager with the Young Girl Love Juice Lotion 120ml, another awesome aroma fetish lube from Tama Toys. Use the lube with a doll or sex toy, or just ..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-607
You will always want to have this Tamatoys - Pure Love Juice Wipe-Clean Lotion 600ml handy when playing with your adult toys. The generously-sized bottle is designed to keep your favorite on..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-766
The Tamatoys - Pure Love Juice Lotion 600ml is a special concoction designed to give you that perfect glide when paired with the onahole of your choice. The fluidity of this lube keeps thing..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-326
From the excellent adult minds at Tamatoys comes this Younger Sister Love Juice Lotion 120ml. This lube simulates the scent and feeling of having sex with a sweet girl while her hormones are..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-795
The Tamatoys - Ubukko Student Love Juice Lotion 120ml by Tama Toys recreates the unique smell and texture of a virginal Japanese schoolgirl's pussy drippings. The lube of this "first-time da..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-752
Indulge in all those secret maternal fetishes with this Tamatoys - New Japanese Mother Lactating Breast Milk Lotion 120ml, which replicates the unique smell, taste and texture of breast milk fres..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-884
Why should a lube be boring? When the Tama Toys adult designers are around, nothing is ever dull! Even an apparently ordinary lube can become something unique and special. The Tamatoys - Sweet St..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-156
The Tamatoys - Super Pure Lotion With Smell of Young Girl and Puberty 120ml is a uniquely fragrant lubricant that mixes the sweet aroma of young girls with the distinct smell of puberty and ..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1366
Designed to give butt-play beginners peace of mind, the Tamatoys - Anal Glide Lotion 300ml is a high-viscosity lube with antibacterial properties to ensure peace of mind regarding hygiene. G..
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-004
Get seriously hot and bothered with the OTAKU - Gokujou Lotion Fire 150ml, a specially concocted solution designed for long-lasting slipperiness and easy washability. This lube is exactly what yo..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1505
NPG - Mihara Honoka Obscene Lotion, it has a very slight scent. The texture is smooth. Water-based Lotion, high viscosity, providing you realistic feeling about her juices...
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1504
NPG - Maria Nagai Obscene Lotion, it has a very slight scent. The texture is smooth. Water-based Lotion, high viscosity, providing you realistic feeling about her juices...
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1492
How can you make your porn star onahole feel even better? Easy, just use the right lubricant! The NPG - Slutty Nurse Sakura Kirishima Lotion 200ml carefully reproduces the texture of the Jap..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1491
Without the right lubrication, a masturbator cannot unfold its full potential. Thankfully, the NPG - Slutty Nurse Sarina Kurokawa Lotion 200ml is here to give you the experienced pussy juice..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1490
While the Slutty Nurse masturbator series feels great with any type of lubrication, the NPG - Slutty Nurse Natsuko Mishima Lotion helps you unfold its full pleasure potential! This soothing ..
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