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Warming Lubes

Warming lubes not only provide better lubrication for masturbation, foreplay and sex, but they also improve your sensory response to touch. These lubricants can make the clitoris, G-spot, glans and shaft feel extra sensitive to stimulation.

Men's Max - Hot Lotion 50g Men's Max - Hot Lotion 50g
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Brand: MEN'S MAX JAPAN Model: MM-433
The Men's Max - Hot Lotion 50g is long-lasting and thick, meaning things stay wet where they matter most - particularly important when playing with the butthole, which is not naturally lubri..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-202
The result of a collaboration between a top Japanese toy brand and the country's leading lube maker, the G Project Pepee Back Lotion Hot Anal Lubricant is long-lasting and thick, meaning thi..
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-004
Get seriously hot and bothered with the OTAKU - Gokujou Lotion Fire 150ml, a specially concocted solution designed for long-lasting slipperiness and easy washability. This lube is exactly what yo..
Brand: System JO Model: 79052
Choose the mouth-watering flavor of delicious ripe strawberries to heat up your passion. Water-based clitoral arousal gel with infused fruit flavor lets you feel intense warming pleasure with a sweet ..
Tamatoys - Schoolgirl Love Juice Hot Sensation Warming Lotion 150ml Tamatoys - Schoolgirl Love Juice Hot Sensation Warming Lotion 150ml
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Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1072
Tamatoys - Schoolgirl Love Juice Hot Sensation Warming Lotion, For those who with a hankering for both scented and heating lubes, the Schoolgirl Love Juice Hot Sensation Warming Lotion&..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1081
The Pussy Inner Temperature Warming Lotion by Tama Toys is a fetish lube that provides a naturally warming sensation, replicating the heat from deep inside a tight Japanese girl's you-know-w..
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 16050
You’ve never experienced a lotion like Fleshlube Fire. Using our advanced warming-lotion technology and the highest quality medical grade ingredients, we’ve created a unique lube that provides a pleas..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: LT-1205
Magic Eyes, ODESSEY Heat Lotion, Low Viscosity with warming feeling. Very smooth..
Brand: EXE Model: UPPP-054
Meet Ingrid Dark Flame, a ninja from the best-selling bishojo adult game series Taimanin Asagi by LiLiTH. This lotion replicates the same texture and smells that the game makers have envisioned f..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-222
The EXE - G Project x Pepee Hot Lotion created as a special collaboration between up-and-coming adult toy brand G Project and Japan's top lotion maker, Pepee. The lotion has a warm, ski..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9903095
We all want our onaholes to feel as realistic as possible, but to take it to the next level of realism it needs to smell real too. Luckily the specialists at A-One have us covered with this bottle of&..
Brand: PEPEE中島化學 Model: LT-0622
Pepee Lotion - WANKERS, launched a lotion named Wanker, no doubt it is for specially masturbation. They have two concepts when developing it, one is to "reduce the sticky substance that sticks tissue ..
Brand: System JO Model: 796494400807
JO® H2O Warming is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Formulated using a purely plant-based glycerin, this top selling lubricant is designed to pro..
Brand: System JO Model: 796494401095
JO® H2O ANAL WARMING is a water-based personal lubricant designed to enhance the comfort of intimate play. Formulated using a pure plant-based glycerin, this product provides a comfortable glide with ..
Brand: System JO Model: 796494401057
JO® PREMIUM ANAL - Warming is a silicone-based personal lubricant designed to moisturize and enhance comfort of intimate play. The silky smooth, buttery glide is water-resistant and long lasting;..
Brand: Wet Model: 20421
Passion never tasted so good. Wet® Fun Flavors® Passion Punch smells divine, tastes delicious, and feels dreamy. This unique formula heats on contact and gets warmer with motion or air, creating an er..
$98.0 $198.0
Brand: Wet Model: 20429
Wet® Juicy Watermelon Warming Lubricant™ tastes just like perfectly ripened, succulent watermelon … ready to be slowly savored and devoured. To use, pour on the skin and experience an erotic, warm tin..
$98.0 $198.0
Brand: Wet Model: 20426
Wet® Fun Flavors® Popp’n Cherry is the perfect warming lubricant to tauntingly tease, slowly seduce, then … enjoy erotic bliss. Pour this velvety, light formula on skin, then release its warming sen..
Wet Slow Baked Hazelnut Souffle Heating Lubricant 30ml
-35 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Wet Model: 21586
The delectable taste of Slow Baked Hazelnut Souffle from WET® Warming Desserts® will satisfy all your sugary cravings. Bring flavors of sweet chocolate into the bedroom, alongside a surprise warming..
$58.0 $89.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21593
Homemade always tastes better, especially when it comes to your lube. WET® is proud to introduce Warming Desserts®, a line of delectable flavors with a gradual warming effect when motion ensues. Fir..
$58.0 $89.0
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