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Brand: NPG Model: OH-2402
Fans of the gyaru adult video star will love the NPG - AIKA Doggy Style Erotic Pussy, which replicates her peachy, round butt along with an incredibly realistic recreation of her pussy. Stroke he..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1958
The NPG - AV Retirement Special Meiki Sakuragi Rin is genuinely created from a mold of Rin Sakuragi's pussy. Rin Sakuragi retired at the end of 2016 so we won't get to enjoy watching her on ..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2453
Dreaming of the perfect blowjob by a cute porn star? Good news! You can now enjoy the mouth of Mizuno Asahi around your manhood, replicated in incredibly realistic detail! The NPG - Awesome Tongu..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2315
The Chinko Binbin Sasoigoshi Temptation Waist Erotic Double Holes Meiki is a luxury masturbator toy by NPG, lovingly recreating a Japanese girl's pussy and anal holes. Lay her own on a flat surfa..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1917
She's had more than her fair share of cocks in her mouth, that's for sure. The gyaru AV star Aika's mouth is a veteran when it comes to oral sex and that's why this NPG - Geki Fera Meiki AIKA&nbs..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2252
Fans of the slinky porn star Aso Nozomi will delight at the chance to experience the NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Aso Nozomi. The attention to detail is superb, including a textured tongue for tick..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2366
The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Azuma Rin is cloned from the tight and horny mouth of top Japanese adult video idol Azuma Rin, who has swallowed a lot of cocks in the course of her successful care..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2251
The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hamasaki Mao is probably the closest you will ever get to receiving oral sex from one of Japan's top adult video stars. This brilliantly rendered masturbator is a r..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2365
Let the experienced and hungry mouth of adult video superstar Ian Hanasaki swallow your cock with the NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Hanasaki Ian, from the hugely successful series of Nippori Gift oral se..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2601
While most porn star clone onaholes focus on recreating vaginas, the Geki-fera series replicates the mouths for the ultimate blowjob masturbator! The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Mishima Natsuko co..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2603
The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Sakura Kirishima is cloned from the tight and horny mouth of top Japanese adult video idol Sakura Kirishima, who has swallowed a lot of cocks in the course of her s..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2602
Ready for your member to get seriously spoiled? Good, because the horny mouth of a sexy Japanese porn star is longing for you! The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Sarina Kurokawa recreates the feeling..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2427
Enjoy oral sex from one of the top names in Japanese porn today. The NPG - Geki Fera Meiki Takahashi Shoko brilliantly recreates some of the best assets of Shoko Takahashi (aka Takasho), nam..
NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka
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Brand: NPG Model: OH-2050
The NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Mihara Honoka is cloned from the expert mouth of top Japanese AV star Mihara Honoka. Let her gorgeous lips and tongue wrap themselves around your member as y..
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NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin
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Brand: NPG Model: OH-2049
Based on the actual mouth of Japanese AV star Rin Sakuragi, the NPG - Geki Fera Vacuum Meiki Sakuragi Rin is the latest in this bestselling series of AV oral sex toys. Slide in between Sakur..
NPG - Giant Bust Meiki Tomoda Ayaka NPG - Giant Bust Meiki Tomoda Ayaka
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1345
The gloriously slutty Japanese porn star Ayaka Tomoda is much celebrated for her giant breasts and "willow waist" slender body. Now Nippori Gift have paid tribute to these wonderful assets with the&nb..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1411
The first onahole in a new series of clone masturbators by adult toy maker NPG and porn label Alice Japan, the NPG - Gokujo Meiki 001 Tsukasa Aoi is based on intricate analysis of the slinky..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2439
Watching Japanese porn is great, but have you ever wanted to make the experience a little more real? Thankfully Japan's adult toys, especially the "meiki" type of high-grade onaholes, are available to..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2347
Beautifully textured and soft, the Gokujyou Namagoshi Asahi Mizuno Extreme Hips is the latest in this bestselling series of NPG masturbators. It features two intricately and realistical..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2401
If you like doing it doggy-style, then you will love the NPG - Hamasaki Mao Doggy Style Erotic Hips! Her round, peachy butt is perfectly replicated in this masturbator toy, including her cute, pi..
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