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OTAKU - Roriero Gakuen Soft Edition

OTAKU - Roriero Gakuen Soft Edition

OTAKU - Roriero Gakuen, an onahole has a camel toe exterior entrance which covers the interior dual-layer design. Upon spreading the camel toe outer walls apart, you will find a very detailed crafted inner-hole design with all kinds of realistic bumps, folds, and mini G-spot structure.

As you move into the middle section, it changes to smaller ribs for a gentler, mellower stimulation. This mellowness leads to the cervix structure which has a dual purpose. You can stop at this structure and use it as a penis head massager with a rotating motion or go through to experience a tight sensation at the end of the tunnel.

Masturbator Specifications
LayersDouble Layers
TextureVery Soft
Insertable length10.5cm
Product Weight410g
Included PartsLotion x1
Imported fromHong Kong

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  • Model: OTK-002
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