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Payment Information:

FPS ID : 2889996 
Company Name : Ning Sum Trading Company
Bank : HSBC (004)

FPS ID : 167899186 
Company Name : Ning Sum Trading Company
Bank : Hang Seng Bank (024)


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Bank Transfer

Hong Kong 

Bank NameA/C No.A/C Name
Hang Seng Bank789-316825-883Ning Sum Trading Company
Bank Of China012-805-0-011037-8Chiu Wing Yee
HSBC747-105518-838Ning Sum Trading Company


Bank NameA/C No.A/C Name
Bank Of China (Macau)182101103747178
Tam Kit Kwong

Please make sure that you pay all bank charges, e.g. the sender's bank charges & the recipient's bank charges
Please send us your payment receipt/screenshot and your order no. via WhatsApp/E-mail. We will process your order as soon as possible.

WhatsApp: +852 93822015