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Return Policy

Eligibility of the return
- Electronic products are eligible for an exchange within 7 days of the purchase (unless otherwise stated*) provided that the damage was due to natural cause. This exchange/return policy does not apply to other products.

- The warranty will automatically be void if:
(a) the product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with, altered or repaired in any way by anybody;
(b) the product is not properly used and / or is not operated in accordance with operating instructions or the user manual;
(c) the product has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, physical damage, abnormal voltage supply / power interruption, accident, fire, flood, natural calamities or other events beyond our control.

- The return policy does not apply to any of the request that may be raised due to customers’ personal preferences on the product color, style and size.

*Some Electronic products may have 1-year manufacturer warranty and eligible for an exchange within 1-year of the purchase provided that the damage was due to natural cause.

How to return the items?
- Please contact us as soon as possible.
- For purchase made in our website, please provide us the purchaser’s name, telephone number and order number. If the purchase was made at the showroom, please provide us the purchase date and details of the purchased product.
- Please bring the complete set of the product to our showroom for checking.
- If the product is functional well after checking, we will return it to customer and no exchange will be made.
- The product to be returned must be clean and free of stains, put in the original packing, as the original packing is part of the product. If the original packing is not returned or it is damaged or it is stained, we will refuse to exchange the product.
- Only the same kind of product in the same Colour will be provided. If you want to exchange for another kind of product and the retail price of requested product is higher, you have to pay for the difference. If the retail price of requested product is lower, the difference will not be refunded to you.

We reserves the right to make amendments or deletions on the above terms & policy.
In case of any dispute, we will have the right to make final decision.