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The Masturbation Cups is closer to us! Ride Japan's motto is great fun and high-quality construction, and we want as many people as possible to use the aircraft cups. Since its establishment, we have always pursued gimmicks and structures, improved pleasant quality, put the safety management of materials in the first place, and continued to insist on localized production in our own factories. We will continue to work hard every day, hoping to be the manufacturer that provides the most fun and provides peace of mind and satisfaction.

Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: 511855
Designed with best-in-the-world performance in mind, the Ride Japan - Tenka Ikketsu Bungee Touch promises to please. Featuring a tight tunnel with multiple large protrusions, this masturbato..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2591
The girl on the box of the Ride Japan - Barikata Pote Endless Push looks a little cold, but we reckon you have some ideas for how to warm her up. This clear masturbator gives you full transp..
$220.0 $288.0
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: 512470
The Ride Japan - Big Bounds Pornista Meiki features a harder, tighter interior complemented by a soft skin-like exterior. The vagina canal is intense, meandering over a curve and over a larg..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2604
You love vacuum masturbators but haven't found one that is strong enough for you? The Ride Japan - Bote Hida Vacuum Mieki is here to give you possibly the biggest suction power your manhood ..
$220.0 $298.0
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201075
Ride Japan - Bungee Shake, gripping and teasing the head of your member, this little lady is made of firmer material than previous types of Bungee Shake products, evoking a stronger, harder sensation...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201062
Ride Japan - Chouzetsu Vacuum Nurse, is designed to focus on providing an experience based on suction/vacuum sensation. At the end of the tunnel is one of the largest vacuum chamber you'll find on the..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: H0065
Ride Japan - CQ Attack, 453g designed by ride japan, giving you uterus feeling from the japan girls. double uterus design is strongly attacking you...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: HNY028
Ride Japan - CQ Attack, 453g designed by ride japan, giving you uterus feeling from the japan girls. double uterus design is strongly attacking you...
$278.0 $587.0
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201113
Ride Japan - CQ Extreme, takes your member's comfort very seriously indeed and pushes you to the limits of your pleasure. With layers and layers of erotic gimmicks, this love tunnel leads to a nu..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2905
Sometimes some chaos can make for a devilishly good time. The Devil Kairaku Chaos Turn more than proves this right. Ride Japan has fashioned a superb masturbator toy here with its signature ..
Ride Japan - Dome Ni Dyupudyupu Sounyu-Taiken Ride Japan - Dome Ni Dyupudyupu Sounyu-Taiken
Out Of Stock
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201073
Ride Japan - Dome Ni Dyupudyupu Sounyu-Taiken, small size masturbator and designed by ride japan, special tunnel design giving you 5 hits attacking you...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201147
Made with Ride Japan's signature Silking Touch material, which offers an astonishingly tight and hard texture, the Electric Spinner is not actually powered, but doesn't need to be: instead, ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2868
The Ride Japan - Extreme Vortex Meiki is radical in all the very best ways, boasting Ride Japan's signature "hard touch air" materials and a see-through design that lets you see your member ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2733
Feel this masturbator's large protrusions flick against your glans as you thrust in and out. The Ride Japan - Flickers Choice Meiki stands out from the crowd with its extreme inner structure..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: 4562309511534
Ride Japan - Fuwabote Poruchion, Fuwabote Poruchion is a very soft sleeve with a surprise at the end. The interior texture design is full of rib and nub covered nodes in close proximity in a “clo..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201069
Ride Japan - Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio, is designed as a soft hugging oral experience. To accomplish the hugging experience, the tunnel clearance is small for an oral sleeve along with a wavy tunne..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201140
The Fuwakitsu Soft-Tight CQ Max Onahole is another awesome toy by Ride Japan in its Fuwa series, offering a very soft and pliable texture on the exterior that works perfectly with a tighter ..
$220.0 $298.0
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201080
Ride Japan - Gyaku Hida Vagina Jyu, from the outside, the sleeve does not look too different from other sleeve from Ride Japan. The beginning is bigger and tapers in at the body of the sleeve. The ent..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2817
The Ride Japan - Hidakan Flick Vagina-nyu Meiki provides an awesomely snug fit. Its inner hole is lined with regular cubes that "flick" your member as you push into the vagina. This ensures ..
Ride Japan - Indan Flick Element Ride Japan - Indan Flick Element
-27 % Out Of Stock
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201111
Ride Japan - Indan Flick Element, designed by ride japan and using high quality material to build to speical tunnel for you more intense feeling...
$138.0 $188.0
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