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Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2596
Made only for those with the hardest erections! The Ride Japan - Barikata Crank Party Onahole is a masturbator with an extremely tough entrance that invites you to join one of the most stimulating parties of your sexual life! Its incredibly curvy tunnel has several sharp bends, each of whi..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2591
The girl on the box of the Ride Japan - Barikata Pote Endless Push looks a little cold, but we reckon you have some ideas for how to warm her up. This clear masturbator gives you full transparency while you push into it. And as soon as you do so, you will also understand its name better. B..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2605
Get ready to have your member spoiled by a horny loli girl who lets you see right through her intentions! The third in a popular masturbator toy series by Ride Japan, the Barikata Puni Stick Meiki is a clear anime onahole that stimulates you with its intense shape and texture. Your penis i..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2604
You love vacuum masturbators but haven't found one that is strong enough for you? The Ride Japan - Bote Hida Vacuum Mieki is here to give you possibly the biggest suction power your manhood will experience! Simply lubricate the inner hole (the more lubricant you use, the stronger the vacuu..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201075
Ride Japan - Bungee Shake, gripping and teasing the head of your member, this little lady is made of firmer material than previous types of Bungee Shake products, evoking a stronger, harder sensation. creating an masturbator that will endure the punishment you are sure to deal to her...
Ride Japan - Chitsu-Basami Lorinko Press Ride Japan - Chitsu-Basami Lorinko Press
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Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201077
Ride Japan - Chitsu-Basami Lorinko Press, is designed by ride japan and using baby touch material to create. small masturbator but giving you ultra feeling..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201078
Ride Japan - Cho Onaho, Cho in Japanese can be translated as Super so Ride Japan is basically calling this sleeve their Super Onaho. Ride Japan simply state that Cho Onaho is super meaty, super thick back, super twists, super vacuum, super stimulation... hence super onaho.Cho Onaho weighs in at..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201062
Ride Japan - Chouzetsu Vacuum Nurse, is designed to focus on providing an experience based on suction/vacuum sensation. At the end of the tunnel is one of the largest vacuum chamber you'll find on the market right now. Simply squeeze out the air at this vacuum chamber as you enter to take advantage ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: H0065
Ride Japan - CQ Attack, 453g designed by ride japan, giving you uterus feeling from the japan girls. double uterus design is strongly attacking you...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201113
Ride Japan - CQ Extreme, takes your member's comfort very seriously indeed and pushes you to the limits of your pleasure. With layers and layers of erotic gimmicks, this love tunnel leads to a nubbed cave that will give your glans the massage of a lifetime. Its elastic material makes it possibl..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201082
Ride Japan - CQ Roll Soft Edition, The overall structure of the CQ Roll Soft is based on a realistic design of the vaginal tunnel leading to the Cervix/Fornix structure ending in a Uterus like chamber. The first half of CQ Roll Soft is a wave path design lined with small nubs and ribs. This all..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201073
Ride Japan - Dome Ni Dyupudyupu Sounyu-Taiken, small size masturbator and designed by ride japan, special tunnel design giving you 5 hits attacking you...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2733
Feel this masturbator's large protrusions flick against your glans as you thrust in and out. The Ride Japan - Flickers Choice Meiki stands out from the crowd with its extreme inner structure, delivering shuddering levels of pleasure each time. Made in Japan from high-quality TPE by one of ..
Ride Japan - Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na Long Ride Japan - Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na Long
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Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201067
Ride Japan - Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na Long, Ride Japan's new Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long) is a soft sleeve incorporating some of the favorite design elements from their other popular series. The internal design can be separated into 4 different theme sections. The first area has various nub covered ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201087
Ride Japan - Fuwa Pote Endless Push, Fuwa Pote Endless Push is design to create a mellowing experience through the use of Ride Japan's Softee material and its unique internal texture design. When you open up the entrance, you'll notice right away numerous scale like nubs unlike any other you'll..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: 4562309511534
Ride Japan - Fuwabote Poruchion, Fuwabote Poruchion is a very soft sleeve with a surprise at the end. The interior texture design is full of rib and nub covered nodes in close proximity in a “cloud like” formation. As you get to the end however you will find a long dual-layered stinger covered ..
Ride Japan - Fuwachitsu Evolution Ride Japan - Fuwachitsu Evolution
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Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201058
Ride Japan - Fuwachitsu Evolution, the overall path of Fuwachitsu Evolution is linear with a "wave" towards the middle of the tunnel. As you first enters the sleeve, rounded nubs of all size and shapes protruding from all directions creating an asymmetrical stimulation. Enter the wave section of the..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201069
Ride Japan - Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio, is designed as a soft hugging oral experience. To accomplish the hugging experience, the tunnel clearance is small for an oral sleeve along with a wavy tunnel path. The tunnel textures along the side walls are flesh-like with most of the stimulation coming ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: H0128
The hefty Fuwajyuku Long Alps Stroke Onahole by Ride Japan features a mature woman's internal ridges that assault your member from all sides. The mountain range-like protrusions run the length of her love tunnel, ensuring maximum stimulation however deep you thrust. Made in Japan with prem..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201090
Ride Japan - Geki Kanjyuku Trinity, Geki Kanjyuku Trinity is a dual layer sleeve with a stimulation design based on a three wall design concept. Each node wall has its own unique texture offering. One side is based on tiny rib textures, a second side has tiny circular hole textures, and a third..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201080
Ride Japan - Gyaku Hida Vagina Jyu, from the outside, the sleeve does not look too different from other sleeve from Ride Japan. The beginning is bigger and tapers in at the body of the sleeve. The entrance is based on the vaginal opening with some modification to increase durability. The inside..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201111
Ride Japan - Indan Flick Element, designed by ride japan and using high quality material to build to speical tunnel for you more intense feeling...
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: H0120
The IRide Japan - Ingoku Zoritimate Ultimate Pleasure Meiki gives you a feeling so real that it is almost too good to be true. Both the toy's Bungee Touch material and overflowing folds seriously spoil your member from the second it tears her lips apart and plunges inside. This is an excel..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201101
Ride Japan - Jori-Ana Stick Stroker, this soft-type masturbator toy comes with realistic pussy lips that make insertion feel like the real deal. It's also made with Ride's signature "Bungee Touch" material, making it light and stretchy. Its love tunnel is lined with what feels like hundreds of textu..
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