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Realistic Vaginas & Butts

Brand: EXE Model: NEXEX-118
EXE has teamed up with porn label Moodyz for the EXE - Ai Uehara+ Meiki, offering a masturbator based on the you-know-what of Japan's current queen of adult video. The porn princess is here recreated in handheld hole form. The pack includes one masturbator toy, out of a possible six possible de..
Brand: EXE Model: EXEA-001
EXE - Perfect Wing Amami Tsubasa Meiki is a hand held sleeve in a single layer construction sleeve with a close ended tunnel. The interior texture are organic looking with bumps and folds enhance in complicated patterns for your pleasure experience. Word can't describe the interior well en..
Brand: EXE Model: NEXEX-064
The Walea Yu Namiki Meiki by EXE is based on the pussy of the top Japanese adult video star. Penetrate porn princess Yu Namiki with this onahole toy that is designed to provide hard sensations and cut down on bad odors. Yu Namiki's elegant love tunnel features a tight tube of swirls at the..
Brand: KMP Model: GODS-622
A special collaboration between adult toys brand KMP and erotic manga artist Crimson, the KMP - Anti-Chikan Officer Kyoka Double Holes Meiki was inspired by a formidable woman: her name is Kyoka Suzumine, a respected officer in the anti-chikan police unit. She has dedicated her life to pro..
Brand: KMP Model: GODS-623
To celebrate his 20th anniversary, adult manga artist Crimson has teamed up with Japanese sex toy manufacturer KMP to release three new masturbator toys based on legendary comic book scenes. And even if you haven't read the original sources, there is no mistaking the appeal of the KMP - Devil E..
Brand: KMP Model: GODS-624
The KMP - Yuuna One Year Sex Slave Humiliation Hips has been released as one of three collaborations between Japanese sex toy manufacturer KMP and erotic manga artist Crimson. Inspired by a girl with lots of experience as a sex slave at the mercy of her male captors, the realistically heft..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2402
Fans of the gyaru adult video star will love the NPG - AIKA Doggy Style Erotic Pussy, which replicates her peachy, round butt along with an incredibly realistic recreation of her pussy. Stroke her clenched buttons and enter while you hold her hips down. Then feel the fine folds around her vagin..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1958
The NPG - AV Retirement Special Meiki Sakuragi Rin is genuinely created from a mold of Rin Sakuragi's pussy. Rin Sakuragi retired at the end of 2016 so we won't get to enjoy watching her on screen anymore, but you can now re-visit her highlights with her hole in your hand. Slide into this ..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2315
The Chinko Binbin Sasoigoshi Temptation Waist Erotic Double Holes Meiki is a luxury masturbator toy by NPG, lovingly recreating a Japanese girl's pussy and anal holes. Lay her own on a flat surface and enjoy her waist and thighs in missionary or doggy positions. Either way, the vacuum sensation..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1345
The gloriously slutty Japanese porn star Ayaka Tomoda is much celebrated for her giant breasts and "willow waist" slender body. Now Nippori Gift have paid tribute to these wonderful assets with the NPG - Giant Bust Meiki Tomoda Aka, featuring Ayaka's breasts and both holes.Choose between anal a..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1411
The first onahole in a new series of clone masturbators by adult toy maker NPG and porn label Alice Japan, the NPG - Gokujo Meiki 001 Tsukasa Aoi is based on intricate analysis of the slinky Japanese AV star's you-know-what. There's even a butt hole on the exterior to add to the realism, w..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2439
Watching Japanese porn is great, but have you ever wanted to make the experience a little more real? Thankfully Japan's adult toys, especially the "meiki" type of high-grade onaholes, are available to make this possible. The NPG - Gokujo Meiki 003 Amami Tsubasa is another superb example of..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2347
Beautifully textured and soft, the Gokujyou Namagoshi Asahi Mizuno Extreme Hips is the latest in this bestselling series of NPG masturbators. It features two intricately and realistically designed holes in addition to a delicate and curvy set of thighs and buttocks. With top adult vid..
NPG - Hamasaki Mao Doggy Style Erotic Hips NPG - Hamasaki Mao Doggy Style Erotic Hips
Out Of Stock
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2401
If you like doing it doggy-style, then you will love the NPG - Hamasaki Mao Doggy Style Erotic Hips! Her round, peachy butt is perfectly replicated in this masturbator toy, including her cute, pink labia lips. The realistically hefty toy comes with two holes with joined tunnels, each of stimula..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1862
The NPG - Horny Beauty Meiki 2 Ai Uehara The Final is a tribute to the top Japanese AV star and is a gift to her legions of fans to mark her retirement from the porn industry. Not only does this tight masturbator pay a gloriously rendered tribute to Ai Uehara's pussy that has served so man..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1613
Japanese porn star Mori Nanoko wants you to claim her as your sweet Japanese housewife with the NPG - Horny Beauty Young Wife Meiki Mori Nanoko. Designed to be as realistic as possible, this delicious lady has several features that will surprise and delight you, starting with her considera..
NPG - Horny Mature Wife Double Real Meiki Sasaki Aki NPG - Horny Mature Wife Double Real Meiki Sasaki Aki
Out Of Stock
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2260
TheHorny Mature Wife Double Real Meiki Sasaki Aki by NPG is inspired by the beautiful Japanese adult video star, a gorgeous MILF (jukujo) with plenty to offer. Namely, both her lips and her pussy. Sasaki Aki is here ready to suck you dry with a realistic replica of her mouth. But that's no..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2120
The NPG - Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao not only recreates the tight pussy of one of Japan's top porn star, but also her waistline. You can rub your fingers all over Mao Hamasaki's thighs and plump ass, all while sliding yourself deep inside her tight love tunnel. Mao's pussy has been repro..
NPG - Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika NPG - Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika
Out Of Stock
Brand: NPG Model: OH-0969
Lube up with the love juices of nubile Japanese porn star Eiro Chika and then slide yourself into her pussy, cloned for this stunningly realistic Meiki no Hinkaku quality masturbator, coming in luxury make-up box style packaging.Fans of JAV will love re-enacting their favorite porn scenes ..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-0007
After seven years of research in collaboration with doctors and specialists, Meiki no Hinkaku is our most realistic onahole yet and is designed using 3D technology. With amazingly soft and supple material and TWO versions to suit your needs, Meiki no Hinkaku will make you think you're grin..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1911
The Meiki no Hinkaku Nana Ayano is a high-grade masturbator toy inspired by one of Japan's most popular adult video performers. Nana's hole features three internal ribs that help you hold her better, so you can apply a stronger vice-like grip as you slide into her meandering love tunnel. Moreov..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-0006
After seven years of research in collaboration with doctors and specialists, Meiki no Hinkaku is our most realistic onahole yet and is designed using 3D technology. With amazingly soft and supple material and TWO versions to suit your needs, Meiki no Hinkaku will make you think you're grin..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-1817
The NPG - Meiki no Saigen Marugoto Aika brings the award-winning top gyaru AV idol right into your hand. Autographed by the E-cup angel herself, the snug inner hole is a feast of nubs and ridges that will stroke your head and grip your shaft as you push into her slutty body. The photograph..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-0837
Known for her winning smile and stunning bust, You Namiki is the latest Japanese porn star to have her you-know-what recreated as a meiki onahole. The 1989-born gal is a new-comer to the scene but we predict great things for her. Now you can this JAV lady right in your hand!The luxury onahole m..
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