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Anime Characters

Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9901722
The A-One - Gyaru in Heat Endless Fuck Hips is designed with a high level of realism from the anus to labia to the plump butt cheeks. The two tunnels are textured to feel just like the real things, with their uneven structure and varied folds and nubs. Weighing in at 1.8 kg, this cute scho..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9901724
The A-One - Young Wife Tight Pussy Chitsuwa-Jime Meiki achieves a new level of realism with its skin texture. At a glance, the vulva is indistinguishable from the real thing thanks to the lifelike wrinkles and creases. The deep tunnel tapers toward the end, fully satisfying with the way it..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13713
Though it features a relatively straightforward design, the USP of the Toys Heart - Ichigo Strawberry Girl Meiki USP is its heft and quality. Weighing in at 535g, this masturbator feels great in your hand and around your manhood. Don't be put off by this sweet young lady's innocent appeara..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13706
An update on the original Lusty Hot Spring masturbator by top Japanese adult toys brand Toy's Heart, the Lusty Hot Spring 2 Meiki has boosted meatiness, resulting in thick walls surrounding the narrow canal to ensure a satisfyingly intense experience. Enjoy its spiraling ridged texture, in..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2733
Feel this masturbator's large protrusions flick against your glans as you thrust in and out. The Ride Japan - Flickers Choice Meiki stands out from the crowd with its extreme inner structure, delivering shuddering levels of pleasure each time. Made in Japan from high-quality TPE by one of ..
Brand: EXE Model: UPPP-132
Thrust into the EXE - UBU First-Timer Meiki to experience unparalleled tightness and satisfaction. Designed to emulate a nervous virgin's tense pussy, this onahole grips your cock tight as you pump in and out. With varied textures of ridges at the entrance and countless nubs toward the end..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-172
Enjoy the sweet pussy of an inexperienced schoolgirl with the EXE - PUNI VIRGIN REAL. Explore her extra-tight tunnel with its realistically textured walls, complete with "G-spot" and varied structure, and imagine her moans of pleasure as you thrust deep inside her. Made in Japan from the manufa..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2731
Turn masturbation into a rhythm game with the Ride Japan - Line Live Meiki. A music idol-themed masturbator, the tunnel features a unique "upper line" texture. A large, striped ridge runs the length of the interior, designed to stimulate the bottom of your glans. Keep the beat as you stroke you..
Tamatoys - Inside the Girl Meiki Tamatoys - Inside the Girl Meiki
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Brand: Tamatoys Model: TMT-1400
The Tamatoys - Inside the Girl Meiki lets you enjoy your blue-haired JK girlfriend's tight teen pussy in three dimensions. Modelled on MRI scans of a real schoolgirl's vagina, this toy offers a high level of realism with its structure, boasting a winding tunnel and uterus section. Successi..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13522
Being strongly influenced by Venus, Tauruses are (in) famously hedonistic sex lovers. The same applies to the busty lady on the Toys Heart - Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Taurus box art. Slide into the constellation-inspired tunnel and feel the irregular ridges and crevices stimulate you fr..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13508
Taking the aquatic theme to the next level with its soft scale-like tunnel texture, the Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Pisces by Toy's Heart offers a unique masturbatory experience. The countless small layered internal protrusions gently tickle and rub your glans until you explode, blasting ..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13553
Drawing inspiration from the constellation Leo and its related astrological meanings, the Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Leo by Toy's Heart replicates the pussy of a feisty, fiery lioness. Its tunnel is modelled after the constellation and features large nubs and ridges that will attack your..
Toys Heart - Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Gemini Toys Heart - Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Gemini
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Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13539
The titular twins are the gorgeous tits belonging to the girl on the box illustration of the Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Gemini by Toys Heart. The chevron design of this masturbator tunnel draws inspiration from the Gemini constellation's symmetrical form and forms a tight vacuum around y..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13546
Inspired by the astrological sign, the Toys Heart - Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Cancer is super tight, boasting a tunnel modelled after the titular constellation with countless small, stimulating bumps running its entire length. Fantasize about the curvy, busty babe on the box art, or thr..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 13515
Taking inspiration from the hook shape of the Aries constellation, the Toys Heart - Zodiac Sign Meiki Collection Aries features a gentle curve that invites you in deeper and deeper. The ram's horn texture of the internal nubs adds an extra level of stimulation from all angles, delivering a..
EXE - Puni Ana :Re Soft Ver. EXE - Puni Ana :Re Soft Ver.
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Brand: EXE Model: UGAN-215
The EXE - Puni Ana :Re Soft Ver. is designed with both butt and pussy holes, allowing you to choose exactly where you thrust your manhood. The pussy features a cute little entrance and a smooth section leading into a winding, heavily nubbed tunnel that tickles your glans with intense strok..
Kiteru - Ponkotsu Guardian LV0 Unicorn Meiki Kiteru - Ponkotsu Guardian LV0 Unicorn Meiki
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kiteru Kiteru キテルキテル Model: 8-SDM-077
The secret shrine of the Holy White Beast is extremely soft and fluffy. Three rows of thin folds and ridges are arranged in high-density, spiralling columns, creating a triple helix of intense pleasure. In addition to the awesome skin texture and canal design, the Kiteru - Ponkotsu Guardian LV0..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9901715
This bad girl has never had her back passage penetrated, so it's extra tight and gives you maximum pleasure. Thrust into the A-One - Anal Release! Gal Bitch Meiki and explore the ridges and folds of her butt tunnel in three varying textured sections. This gyaru character fetish masturbator..
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-003
The Sister Becomes A Sex Slave Meiki by Otaku is a mini body masturbator featuring a beautiful and busty Japanese girl's waist, thighs, and chest. Hefty and realistic, it is designed with a natural skin texture thanks to the OTAKU SKIN materials. The breasts are as stunning to look at as they a..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2662
With soft, almost fluffy folds, and fleshy pockets running the length of its tunnel, the Ride Japan - Vagina Returns Soft Edition shows you just why Victorian milkmaids are the best lay. Spending her time in the fresh air among the dairy herds has given this girl's pussy a unique squishine..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-140
The EXE - HON MONO Real Thing Meiki comes in a very special shape to hug your member tightly. Boasting realistic skin texture and zero smell or stickiness, the onahole's curving angle gives your member awesome stimulation from glans to shaft. While the first part of her tunnel is ribbed, y..
Brand: Fill works Model: FW036
The Fill Works - Pote Hida Sweet Meiki features countless numbers of small dots and folds along its length for a gentle stimulation experience. The tapered design gets tighter and tighter the deeper you go and the textures run from the entrance, ensuring you enjoy every inch of this mastur..
Brand: Fill works Model: FW037
Full of countless nubs and folds designed for the highest degree of stimulation, the Fill Works - Puri Hida Vitality Meiki is a confident cabaret dancer's tight pussy. Picture this beauty's huge rack as you thrust in and out of her hole, helped along by the included F Lotion Vitality: an e..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: OH-2673
The Magic Eyes - Otome Chiniku Shameful Flesh Virgin Sujiman Kupa Evolution Meiki caters to fans of big (biraman) and small (sujiman) inner labia alike. With the latest in the bestselling series of Sujiman Kupa masturbator toys by top Japanese adult brand Magic Eyes, spread this innoc..
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