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Anime Characters

Brand: EXE Model: UGAN-158
The EXE - Angel Virgin W Meiki is so tight you wouldn't believe it. This doe-eyed cutie's pink pussy has three chambers with a total 45 round bumps ready to massage your hard cock just right. Remember to be gentle, as this angelic sweetheart is a virgin and needs you to softly show her wha..
Brand: Kiteru Kiteru キテルキテル Model: 8-SDM-076
Featuring three distinct chambers, the Kiteru - Hanjuku Succubus Kyosanso Meiki needs a hero to tame this immature character. Soft on the outside and hard on the inside, this devilishly good masturbator is all about pleasure. The tightly ridged interior sucks your sword in deeper and deepe..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-142
The EXE - GOKU HIDA VIRGIN Octopus Meiki is textured on the inside just like the surface of octopus tentacles, complete with circular suckers that rub your cock from all angles. The eight octopus legs that line the tunnel envelop you in pleasure as you thrust deep into this busty redhead's..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: TOY-1201129
The Vagina Deep Diver Soft Edition by Ride Japan is a follow-up to the bestselling Kaikan Vagina Deep Diver Onahole, offering yet another chance for you to dive deep and hard into a Japanese pussy. Unusually for an onahole that is not a hips or buttocks type, this is hefty and sturdy enoug..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 917110
We all know that skating is the sexiest sport in the Winter Olympics, and the Ice Princess Figure Skater Girl Onahole is your chance to enjoy one of these svelte and sporty athletes for yourself. Her big bust makes her rather top-heavy for a skater but also helps her build velocity for jum..
Fill Works - Tsuruhada Mitsuami Otome Fill Works - Tsuruhada Mitsuami Otome
-36 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Fill works Model: FW004
Fill Works - Tsuruhada Mitsuami Otome designed by fill works, very simple and small masturbator, suitable for the doll using...
$120.0 $188.0
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 013423
The Kasha Musume Flaming Wheels Girl Onahole by Toys Heart is a real bad girl whose hot wheels need a few squirts of your man juices to put out. This buxom biker beauty knows exactly how sexy she is and she's ready to straddle a strapping young man after rubbing her pussy against her motor..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: 013430
The Toys Heart - Nekomata Musume Meiki is inspired by a feline yokai - and what kind of anthropomorphic anime girl character could be more fitting for onahole box art? Her extremely pleasurable vagina provide out-of-this-world orgasms each time you dive into her: it features diagonal ..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: H0128
The hefty Fuwajyuku Long Alps Stroke Onahole by Ride Japan features a mature woman's internal ridges that assault your member from all sides. The mountain range-like protrusions run the length of her love tunnel, ensuring maximum stimulation however deep you thrust. Made in Japan with prem..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-128
Using the power of geometry, the EXE - Niku-Man Delta Meiki gives you well-calculated orgasms whenever you use it! Its three fleshy folds are arranged around the hole to give your dick a very special welcome, before they unite into an unforgettable love tunnel filled with small nubs and protrusions...
Brand: EXE Model: NGPRO-012
From the makers of the popular Ju-C masturbators comes the third in the "little sister" series, the EXE - Ju-C Petite 03. The cute peach-colored masturbator has sexy anime schoolgirl eye candy on the box. It's made from ultra-stretchy and soft "momochi materials" that cut down on unwanted odors..
Ride Japan - Bote Hida Vacuum Ride Japan - Bote Hida Vacuum
Out Of Stock
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2604
You love vacuum masturbators but haven't found one that is strong enough for you? The Ride Japan - Bote Hida Vacuum Mieki is here to give you possibly the biggest suction power your manhood will experience! Simply lubricate the inner hole (the more lubricant you use, the stronger the vacuu..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2605
Get ready to have your member spoiled by a horny loli girl who lets you see right through her intentions! The third in a popular masturbator toy series by Ride Japan, the Barikata Puni Stick Meiki is a clear anime onahole that stimulates you with its intense shape and texture. Your penis i..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9901701
While the A-One - Hame Kyun Secret After School Meiki is designed as the perfect match for the inflatable Hame Kyun School sex dolls, it also brings ample pleasure with other dolls or simply on its own. Its shape and outer spirals mean it is slip-proof when you use it in a doll, but also h..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2643
Reach new angelic levels of orgasm with the Ride Japan - Tenka Ikketsu Heaven's Extreme Variation Meiki! Dive into this highly elastic, Bungee Skin anime pussy to feel out its stimulating insides. Once you are halfway into this masturbator toy, you discover the snug canal is crafted from a hard..
Brand: RIDE JAPAN Model: OH-2638
The Ride Japan - Vagina Motion Long Playing has been created to give you the feeling of diving deep into a pink, tight pussy. The realistic vulva welcomes your member into her perfect love tunnel: filled with a plethora of omnidirectional stimuli, your penis will love feeling out every sin..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: OH-2640
The latest iteration of the Sujiman Kupa series lets you choose between two adventures: a soft "Mattari" version or this Magic Eyes - Sujiman Kupa Zorizori Fifth Hard Trip. Thanks to its dual-layered structure, it feels great in your hands and wrapped around your member, while providing you wit..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: OH-2639
After the success of the prior Sujiman Kupa anime onaholes, adult toy manufacturer Magic Eyes has blessed us with yet another iteration of this male sex toy series. The quality of this anime onahole remains, while its internal structure has been completely revised: the Sujiman Kupa Mattari Fift..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: MK-TN
The Toys Heart - Fudeoroshi Brush Stroke Vacuum Meiki takes your cock's breath away with its strong vacuum sensation. To get the most out of it, insert lube first, then squeeze the sex toy together and dive through the realistically shaped pussy lips to get sucked right into her stimulatin..
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: TOY-0501087
The success of the Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa series is not a surprise: these tight anime virgin girl masturbators come with a stimulating "kupa" vacuum that works in symbiosis with a snug love tunnel. The beautiful exterior of the Sujiman Kupa Extra-Virgin Lolinco Onahole integrates a young,..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: MK-MM
The Toys Heart - Cow Girl Meiki is thirsty for your milk! To get you ready, she is more than happy to show off her enormous udders. As soon as you touch the masturbator, its Virgin Skin material will put you in the mood even more. She's a real expert in the field of pleasure: dive into her..
Brand: Toys Heart Model: LS-TN
Toy's Heart R-18 Magic Forest Girl. "Even returned to the original world, don't forget what has happened here". Succeeded Toy's Heart thick flesh complex tunnel design. this will certainly arouse you even more! Perfect contour for handgrip, the luring tunnel is full of lumps and exciting textures, w..
Brand: LOVE FACTOR Model: OTK-001
Onii-chan, it's been too long! Imagine reconnecting with your childhood crush after a long time - and finally fulfilling the fantasies you have kept in your head for years. The Childhood Friend Onahole lets you experience diving into your old sweetheart's love hole after years of pent-up f..
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-141
The Ju-C 0 Spiral Folds Onahole is a near-perfect masturbator if you are looking for a reliable and long-lasting onahole with a firm, yet flexible structure. Whether for your very first masturbator or for another entry in your bulging pocket pussy collection, this is a great choice for its..
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