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Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365853109
Fair Squared - Original Condom, the natural latex used for this quality condom is produced under Fair Trade conditions. The Fair Trade premium we pay helps the rubber workers and their families to imp..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365853123
Fair Squared - Ultra Thin, The natural latex used for this quality condom is produced under Fair Trade conditions. The Fair Trade premium we pay helps the rubber workers and their families to imp..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365854915
Fair Squared - XL, The natural latex used for our quality condoms comes from Fair Trade. Our condoms are vegan because of our non-usage of casein. Casein is a protein in cow’s milk and is worldwide ve..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: Kimono Model: 016169030123
Kimono - MAXX Large Flare, the new product of kimono for you. More 40 percent thinner latex than trojan magnum thin. It is suitable for you if micro thin L size make you feel uncomfortable. Kimono con..
$18.0 $24.0
Brand: Kimono Model: 016169080128
Kimono - Micro Thin Large, America's Thinnest Large Condom means you can enjoy more comfort without sacrificing thinness. To make the best large condom, we've added extra room wher..
$18.0 $24.0
Brand: RENDS Model: TOY-3101031
Rends - A10 Cyclone SA Inner Sleeve Master is a standard sleeve with 8 vertically grooved ribs that directly strokes the entire object and creates a strong friction during use...
$50.0 $218.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21560
This lubricant satisfies every appetite with the heavenly flavor of creamy vanilla custard and caramelized sugar. Water-soluble and lightweight, our smooth, buttery formula glides on skin, enhancing..
$58.0 $79.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21598
Better than a baker's dozen, this sugar-free lube is perfect when those late-night cravings make you seek something sweet. Glaze your partner in the flavor of Fresh Delicious Donuts, then blow on the ..
$58.0 $89.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21572
This yummy formula tastes just like the real thing … a bakeryfresh cupcake you can savor with every lick and nibble. With no bitter after-taste, Frosted Cupcake Flavored Lubricant is the perfect trea..
$58.0 $79.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21593
Homemade always tastes better, especially when it comes to your lube. WET® is proud to introduce Warming Desserts®, a line of delectable flavors with a gradual warming effect when motion ensues. Fir..
$58.0 $89.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21590
Who needs breakfast in bed when you can skip straight to dessert? Oven Baked Apple Pie A La Mode from WET® brings the taste of sweet ice cream and juicy, buttery apple pie to cozy moments with your pa..
$58.0 $89.0
Wet Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant 30ml
-27 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Wet Model: 21568
Drizzle, drench, then dive into the decadent taste of Desserts™ Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant. Apply slowly to delicate areas then indulge in the rich caramel flavor that has a salty twist wi..
$58.0 $79.0
Brand: Wet Model: 21586
The delectable taste of Slow Baked Hazelnut Souffle from WET® Warming Desserts® will satisfy all your sugary cravings. Bring flavors of sweet chocolate into the bedroom, alongside a surprise warming..
$58.0 $89.0
Brand: HYBRID STYLE Model: SM-001
Hybrid Style Butterfly SM Eye Patch is made of imitation leather. It is smooth, durable and comfortable. Adjustable elastic band design suits most people to wear...
$68.0 $138.0
Wet Natural Feel Lubricant 89ml
Best for Women! -60 %
Brand: Wet Model: 42200
Designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture, Wet Naturals® is a gentle, light, yet ultra-moisturizing personal lubricant. Recommended for those with sensitive skin, Wet Naturals contains aloe and..
$68.0 $168.0
Brand: TENGA Model: TOC-102
Handle Yourself Freely!! Tenga Soft Tube CUP allows you to manipulate the pressure during use! The sensation you desire, controlled on your whim. Squeeze, release, knead and stroke for various se..
$71.0 $89.0
Brand: TENGA Model: TOC-102H
Tighten your suit, harder! Tenga Soft Tube Cup (Hard Edition) use two new structures creates an exquisite tightening feeling. Newly loaded Adjustable Moving Frame and Triple Bumper makes com..
$86.0 $108.0
Brand: TENGA Model: TOC-102S
Tighten yours to suit for a smooth sensation! Tenga Soft Tube Cup (Soft Edition) gives you total control over the pressure applied to your shaft, for a feeling that suits you controlled pure..
$86.0 $108.0
Brand: TENGA Model: TOC-102C
Special cool edition for the hot summer. Popular Soft Tube Cup debut! Ultimate coolness! Limited edition, tingling menthol lubricant! Free style stimulation which bound tight and feel cool as menthol ..
$86.0 $108.0
Brand: Wet Model: 20429
Wet® Juicy Watermelon Warming Lubricant™ tastes just like perfectly ripened, succulent watermelon … ready to be slowly savored and devoured. To use, pour on the skin and experience an erotic, warm tin..
$98.0 $198.0
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