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You'll find all the sex toy accessories you need to complete your sexual pleasure at 18DSC. Whether you're looking for air pumps, renewer powder or suction cups, 18DSC has something for everyone with our extensive range of sex accessories.

Kiiroo - PowerBlow Kiiroo - PowerBlow
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kiiroo Model: powerblow-11050
PowerBlow's suction technology turns your favorite stroker into the ultimate blowjob machine.It seamlessly screws onto our FeelStroker cases, giving you an unparalleled suction experience, that will r..
Brand: Kiiroo Model: 22144
Get the right angle. This Table Clamp is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, allowing you to position yourself in any way you feel comfortable. Quick and simple to attach to any har..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9907424
The Doll Underhair Wig Pubic Hair for Sex Dolls means intimacy with your favorite doll is even more realistic and natural.Compatible with the Love Body Aki 3.0 Air Doll, other sex dolls in t..
EXE - Lotion Heating System EXE - Lotion Heating System
Out Of Stock
Brand: EXE Model: UGPR-225
The Lotion Heating System is a lubricant warmer that ensures sex and masturbation always feels pleasant. Before you start the foreplay or self-pleasure session, pop your lubricant into the d..
Brand: Hot Powers Model: 33001
Hot Powers - Breasts Securing for Pillows, Strap a pair of tits to the hug pillow of your choice and add a third dimension to the sexy printed image with the Breasts Securing Tube for Pillows. Simply ..
Brand: OTAKU Model: OTK-005
OTAKU has made its male sex toys even hotter and more safe– literally! The Onahole Heating System upgrade device warms your onahole to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the..
Model: XX01
The spray bottle has a convenient portable size and is perfect for travel or carry-on. ..
Fleshlight - Quickshot Sleeve Warmer™ Fleshlight - Quickshot Sleeve Warmer™
Out Of Stock
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 19259
Fleshlight has made its #1 selling male sex toys even hotter ??literally! The Quickshot Sleeve Warmer upgrade device warms the SuperSkin sleeve of your Quickshot toy to a sensual temperature that even..
Brand: palmpower Model: 30529
palmpower - PalmSensual Massager Heads is a package with 2 different heads which designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager. Made by 100% Silicone, Phthalate Free and Soft Touch.Palm Finger - T..
Brand: palmpower Model: 30530
palmpower - PalmSensual Massager Heads is a package with 2 different heads which designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager. Made by 100% Silicone, Phthalate Free and Soft Touch.Palm Below - Feature..
Travel Adaptor 3 Pin Travel Adaptor 3 Pin
Out Of Stock
Model: C5
Travel Adaptor 3 Pin, the maximum voltage is 10A / 250V, suitable for most Japanese, European and American electric products...
Brand: RENDS Model: TOY-3101031
Rends - A10 Cyclone SA Inner Sleeve Master is a standard sleeve with 8 vertically grooved ribs that directly strokes the entire object and creates a strong friction during use...
$50.0 $218.0
Brand: RENDS Model: KK-0182
Having play in narrow shower space in your home or hotel till now though, you can enjoy as use whole body on bed in your room. Not only having lotion play, you can find pleasure oil massage, SM, mania..
Brand: Bathmate Model: AC-HM-SR
Designed for use with our Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme penis pump ranges, Bathmate Cushion Rings help to add an extra level of comfort and security for users during their pump exercises.Essential..
Brand: Bathmate Model: BM-HD-RD
Bathmate - Penis Pump Shower Strap is a must-have accessory for your Bathmate pump, this adjustable strap connects to the tip of your pump and holds it around your neck for extra support and freedom d..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9909262
A-One - Nippurun Sex Doll Breast Nipple Accessories, by A-One add an extra layer of realism to your favorite companion. Not only that, but these soft yet pert nipples are erect and aroused, which..
Brand: Vinnic Model: L1154F
Vinnic is a 1.5V Battery which is suitable for small electric device such as vibration egg or cock ring. There are two types (LR41 / LR44) you can choose...
Brand: NPG Model: KK-0299
If you have sensitive skin or other areas, or if you like sharing adult toys around, then reach for a condom. Okay, that might sound like the opposite of the usual response - but these are special con..
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 810476016647
Fleshlight - Flight Shower Mount Adapter, allows you to enjoy two of your favorite Fleshlight sex toys in unison: the Flight (or the Fleshlight GO) and the Shower Mount. Simply unscrew the cap fr..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9909221
Stable on the ground for easy use, Foot Pump lets you quickly inflate and deflate almost any inflatable device, without electric pump and wall outlet. It's a good stuff for love doll or pillow!..
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