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18DSC Sex Toys Unboxing & Review

As the very first makers of adult product videos, we unbox and evaluate the products in front of cameras in an experienced way. Through the videos, the audience enjoy the most realistic product analyses!

Brand: NPG Model: LT-1622
NPG - Real Amateur Juices Uru-chan 80ml is a water-based lotion specifically for the NPG - Real Amateur Meiki Uru-chan. Packaged in an ergonomic bot..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1623
NPG - Real Amateur Juices Izayoi-chan 80ml is a water-based lotion specifically for the NPG - Real Amateur Meiki Izayoi-chan. Packaged in an ergonom..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1621
NPG - Real Amateur Juices Misono-chan 80ml is a water-based lotion specifically for the NPG - Real Amateur Meiki Misono-chan. Packaged in an ergonom..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2861
The NPG - Real Amateur Meiki Izayoi-chan replicates the sweet vagina of a horny, slutty Japanese amateur you pick up in Tokyo one day. The m..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2859
Misono is a busty, cheerful art student and now she is in your hotel room after you pick her up on the streets of Tokyo. The NPG - Real Amateur M..
Brand: CRESCENTE Model: CR_029
The babydoll features halter neck and lace cup design. Thong included...
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2860
What's it like to pick up a regular girl in Tokyo one day and take her back to your hotel room for wild, no-strings-attached sex? The NPG - Real ..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2811
Eimi Fukada dressed as a sexy nurse and with her butt up in the air and turned, ready for your entrance. If you are among the thousands of fans of top..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1626
NPG - Awakening Juices Eimi Fukada 80ml is a water-based lotion specifically for the NPG - Meiki Awakening Eimi Fukada. Packaged in an ergonomic ..
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1627
NPG - Awakening Juices Minami Aizawa 80ml is a water-based lotion specifically for the NPG - Meiki Awakening Minami Aizawa. Packaged in an ergonomic b..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2812
Are you ready for your appointment at the porn clinic? If so, get on the bed and get undressed. The fun's about to start, because top Japanese adult v..
Brand: NPG Model: OH-2846
Tsukasa Aoi's natural-seeming beauty and sensual allure never grows old, no matter how many videos she releases or how many toys she makes. Here is he..
Brand: CRESCENTE Model: CR_032
The 2-piece set includes one adjustable halter neck bra and a matching tie-side panty...
Brand: NPG Model: LT-1595
Tsukasa Aoi is one of the most popular porn stars in Japan and for a good reason. Her versatility as a performer and fundamental allure as a woman is ..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-9901746
The A-One - Goku Nama Extreme Raw Sexy Bitch Meiki contains three types of pleasure: circle, hold, and touch. The first comprises two types ..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-0901015
Based on the popular, busty character from the OVA hentai series Saimin Seishido Hypnosis, the A-One - Hypnosis Sex Guidance Reina Kurashiki's Fa..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-0901017
The A-One - Hypnosis Sex Guidance Miyajima Tsubaki's Favorite Position DX Hips is inspired by the character from the OVA hentai series Saimi..
Brand: CRESCENTE Model: CR_036
The long Chipao with black rose design pankou knots and its sexy side thigh splits design can show your leg curves. ..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-2001112
A-One - Tsunako no Omoi Hips, designed by a-one and the weight is 6.2KG for you to explorer the girls butt and pussy fully. Double structure material ..
$2,100.0 $3,000.0
Brand: ARMS Model: 4571387714799
Arms - Strap on Kit, designed by arms and using high quality material for hollow dildo, Also, this hollow dildo for the man or female for increase the..
$144.0 $288.0
Bathmate - Hydrodouche Bathmate - Hydrodouche
-40 % Discontinued
Brand: Bathmate Model: BM-HD-S
The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a personal hygiene device designed to be used in the shower, when required, as a complement to your personal cle..
$750.0 $1,250.0
Bathmate - Hydromax X40 Penis Pump Bathmate - Hydromax X40 Penis Pump
-50 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Bathmate Model: HM-40-CC
Ideal for larger users, the Bathmate Hydromax X40 fits those with erection sizes between 7 and 9 inches, with regular use creating harder, longer-last..
$800.0 $1,600.0
blewit - Pleasure Trainer blewit - Pleasure Trainer
-20 % Out Of Stock
Brand: blewit Model: 48733
The blewit - Pleasure Trainer is a masturbator with a unique design that mimics the sensations of partnered sex and can be used both for pleasure and ..
$780.0 $980.0
Brand: BMS Model: 52816
The PantyVibe from BMS Factory is a 3 vibration speed, 4 vibration pattern mini-vibe designed to be worn discreetly under your clothes. It features a ..
$190.0 $270.0
Brand: EXE Model: NEXEX-088
The EXE - Kokomi Sakura Heaven Meiki is cloned from the lavish body of Japanese porn star Kokomi Sakura. This gorgeous slut has been re..
$160.0 $198.0
-20 % Out Of Stock
Brand: EXE Model: NGPRO-004
The EXE - KUU-PILLOW is an air dakimakura "hug pillow" that can be embraced with a masturbator onahole inserted into the handy slo..
$280.0 $350.0
Brand: EXE Model: UGAN-213
The EXE - Puni Ana Suke Suke DX stands out in a crowded masturbator marketplace thanks to its translucent design. It's rare to see a see-thr..
$1,024.0 $1,280.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365853109
Fair Squared - Original Condom, the natural latex used for this quality condom is produced under Fair Trade conditions. The Fair Trade premium we pay ..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365853123
Fair Squared - Ultra Thin, The natural latex used for this quality condom is produced under Fair Trade conditions. The Fair Trade premium we pay ..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365854915
Fair Squared - XL, The natural latex used for our quality condoms comes from Fair Trade. Our condoms are vegan because of our non-usage of casein. Cas..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: Sagami 相模 Model: TOY-0209270
Sagami - Love Time (Japan Edition) is the cheapest and high quality latex condom in Japan. Made in Japan, very cheap price!! That's all you need!! Nor..
Model: C2
Take proper care of your favorite adult toys now with the Sex Toys Storage Pouch. Made by Non-Woven Cloth material which can storing your toys discree..
Model: C1
This Dehumidifying and Deodorizing Bamboo Charcoal Bag is made of Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo Charcoal is a material which can absorb moisture effect..
Brand: System JO Model: 79011
JO® H2O Original is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Formulated using a purely plant-based glyc..