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18DSC Sex Toys Unboxing & Review

As the very first makers of adult product videos, we unbox and evaluate the products in front of cameras in an experienced way. Through the videos, the audience enjoy the most realistic product analyses!

Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-077
SM VIP - Synthetic Leather Collar with Thigh Cuffs is a restraint set that can hold the neck and thighs and forcibly open the M-shaped legs. There is..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-121
The forced belt is made of synthetic leather, it is strong, soft and does not cause discomfort to skin. Adjustable buckle design fits waist ..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-074
The set includes one neck cuff and four bondage cuffs which allow you to bondage hands or legs of your partner; it all depends on your imagination.&nb..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-073
SM VIP - Arms Behind Back Restraints Strap can forces the wearer in a more rigid position than traditional behind the back restraints. Size:Arm B..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-075
Simple but ultra-effective, this hogtie enables full body restraint in a snap. Position the hogtie in front or behind your sub's body for custom ..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-018
Achieve full-body restraint in a snap with this cross tie bondage restraint set. Including soft fluffy black fur cuffs, this set comes with everything..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-034
SM VIP - Synthetic Leather Arm Restraint Gloves is made up of super-soft synthetic leather. The handcuffs have Lockable Buckles closure with Pad ..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-033
Enhance your lover's sense of submission with this head harness with incorporated ball gag and nose hook. Synthetic leather straps encase yo..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-070
Take your BDSM pleasures to the next level with this ball gag and nipple clamp set. Made from elastic and fully adjustable, use it to silence your lov..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-072
SM VIP - Stainless Steel Restraint Bar with Handcuffs and Ankle Cuffs a set product of a full-scale restraint rod, handcuffs, and ankle cuffs with a h..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-025
SM VIP - Stainless Steel Restraint Bar is a heavy and full-scale restraint rod. It is a product that can be used for a long time because it uses a sta..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-017
The bond harness is the most beautiful and popular in tight binding. It is simple and stylish in design,  suitable for full-scale play and c..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-069
Classic silver ankle cuffs for bedroom bondage or as an accessory to foreplay. Secure your lover's wrists together or attach them to the bed with the ..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-071
Become a happy clamper by exploring the nip and clit-clipping delights of SM VIP's nipple and clit clamp set. A strong chain links 2 crocodile clamps ..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-013
Get your hands on this Synthetic Leather harness for secure bondage that's as stylish as it is effective. Fully adjustable at the collar, waist a..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-076
Oh, the sweet sensation of complete control. Strap your sub's arms to their neck to effectively restrict movement with this leather collar and wrist s..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-005
With this Synthetic Leather Collar with Leash combo, your sub has never looked better. Slip the collar around your pet's neck and fasten with the..
Brand: SM VIP Model: SMVIP-041
Become a butt-loving criminal with this formidable pump-action butt plug, which incrementally inflates from a 2cm circumference right up to 4cm. Just ..
Brand: A-ONE Model: TOY-2001112
A-One - Tsunako no Omoi Hips, designed by a-one and the weight is 6.2KG for you to explorer the girls butt and pussy fully. Double structure material ..
$2,100.0 $3,000.0
Bathmate - Hydrodouche Bathmate - Hydrodouche
-40 % Discontinued
Brand: Bathmate Model: BM-HD-S
The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a personal hygiene device designed to be used in the shower, when required, as a complement to your personal cle..
$750.0 $1,250.0
Brand: BUCKED Model: BUCK-40803
Bucked - Mount H2O Hybrid Lubricant empowers both sides of every man - the powerful and the playful. Fortified with vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help so..
$108.0 $128.0
Brand: BUCKED Model: BUCK-40801
Bucked - Stride Silicone Lubricant lets you ride with confidence and take it all in stride. With our pure silicone, fortified with Vitamin E to heal a..
$128.0 $168.0
Brand: EXE Model: NEXEX-088
The EXE - Kokomi Sakura Heaven Meiki is cloned from the lavish body of Japanese porn star Kokomi Sakura. This gorgeous slut has been re..
$160.0 $198.0
-20 % Out Of Stock
Brand: EXE Model: NGPRO-004
The EXE - KUU-PILLOW is an air dakimakura "hug pillow" that can be embraced with a masturbator onahole inserted into the handy slo..
$280.0 $350.0
Brand: EXE Model: UGAN-213
The EXE - Puni Ana Suke Suke DX stands out in a crowded masturbator marketplace thanks to its translucent design. It's rare to see a see-thr..
$1,024.0 $1,280.0
Brand: FAIR SQUARED Model: 4260365854915
Fair Squared - XL, The natural latex used for our quality condoms comes from Fair Trade. Our condoms are vegan because of our non-usage of casein. Cas..
$13.0 $23.0
Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey Model: FS-52423
Fifty Shades of Grey - Relentless Vibrations Rechargeable Remote Control Egg, is a versatile and orgasmic toy that is ideal for both solo play an..
$600.0 $1,199.0
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 810476018283
Fleshlight - Fleshjack Boys Kevin Warhol Squeeze, feel every one of Kevin's intimate folds and curves in his SuperSkin sleeve, created from his actual..
$618.0 $998.0
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 810476018290
Fleshlight - Fleshjack Boys Kevin Warhol Swallow, feel every one of Kevin's intimate folds and curves in his SuperSkin sleeve, created from his actual..
$600.0 $998.0
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 810476018443
Fleshlight - Fleshjack Boys Marcus Mojo, feel every one of Marcus's intimate folds and curves in his SuperSkin sleeve, created from his actual body ca..
$598.0 $998.0
Brand: Sagami 相模 Model: TOY-0209270
Sagami - Love Time (Japan Edition) is the cheapest and high quality latex condom in Japan. Made in Japan, very cheap price!! That's all you need!! Nor..
Model: C2
Take proper care of your favorite adult toys now with the Sex Toys Storage Pouch. Made by Non-Woven Cloth material which can storing your toys discree..
Model: C1
This Dehumidifying and Deodorizing Bamboo Charcoal Bag is made of Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo Charcoal is a material which can absorb moisture effect..